BumperDoc Escondido Collision Repair

Our goal is to improve the appearance and value of your vehicle while saving you time and money. We use CCC™ Estimating Software for estimating repairs, accepted by insurance companies, we warranty all paintwork for as long as you own your vehicle, and we are happy to provide you with a discount rental car for the duration of your repair (call for details).

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We welcome claims from all insurance companies, and we are happy to make the repair process easier by helping with your insurance paperwork and communicating with your Claims Adjuster.

In the repair industry, many damaged metal panels that could be repaired are currently replaced, because of convenience, tradition, or a lack of skill or technology. Our skilled technicians make every effort to repair instead of replacing your damaged panels, combining the best of traditional auto body repair methods with innovative methods including the use of paintless dent removal tools to minimize damage prior to your repair. Our philosophy of innovation and commitment to the environment has resulted in a state of the art approach to auto body repair, reducing costs and time delays by:

Premium Paint & Products

You can relax knowing that our experienced technicians use a computer and the factory paint code on your vehicle to expertly match the color of your vehicle.

It’s Your Right to Pick the Shop You Want


In California, our Code of Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 5, Section 2695.85(C) states; that a consumer is entitled to select the auto body repair shop to repair damage covered by the insurance company. An insurance company shall not require the repairs to be done at a specific auto body repair shop.

Insurance claim departments are trained to ask if you have a repair shop in mind. If you do not they will gladly steer you toward THEIR shop of choice. This is a shop that’s labeled as approved, certified, preferred, etc. This is merely a ploy to convince you to choose this shop. Why you might ask? Because it’s in the best interest of your insurance company, not you or your vehicle. These shops are under contract with your insurance company to perform repairs at a heavily discounted rate, a rate that’s much lower than what the market bears. The insurance company gets away with this by promising these shops a large volume of repairs.

If you do have a shop in mind when you call your insurance company, be prepared to still encounter some pushback. For example. “Sure you can go to your shop of choice, but we need you to go here first for an estimate” FALSE. This “here first place” is one of the aforementioned shops. Your insurance company is hoping someone there has the salesmanship to convince to “Just leave your car with us. We’re the preferred shop of your insurance company”. Another common tactic is “Sure you can go to your shop of choice, but we will not warranty the work”. Insurance companies do not repair cars, shops do. We lifetime warranty all of our repairs. When we accept payment from an insurance company, it allows them to hold us accountable for performing the repair correctly. Therefore, of course, they stand behind our repairs.

Don’t be fooled by these greed-driven tactics. With the copious amounts of information you have access to on the World Wide Web combined with the valuable information you’ve just read, you’re in the driver’s seat! We look forward to earning your business!